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Week 1:

HTML5 frameworks allow programmers to vastly improve the speed at which they develop interfaces as they are well tested, easy to use, and usually free.

Grid systems are common features of most front end frameworks which allow the programmer to layout their webpages as they deem appropriate. Managing the layout of webpages is a common problem for developers, frameworks such as Muller grid system or Bootstrap allow developers to tackle these with ease. Muller is more specifically a framework which deals with grid, this makes it slightly more lightweight than other frameworks such as Bootstrap which has a vast suite of tools at disposal. Both Muller and Bootstrap support responsive web design in that they allow for a fluid, dynamic, and responsive browsing experience. Control over implementation and layout of menus are made significantly easier with the use of frameworks.

Typically, designing a responsive menu can be very tricky and often problematic. Bootstrap works well in allowing users to implement menus of various type, including dropdown menus and navigation bar menus. When creating a menu using Bootstrap, you can do this simply by following the rules shown in the documentation, documentation on Bootstrap is incredibly thorough and makes a good job of explaining all the tools Bootstrap provides with excellent examples. In order to create a Bootstrap menu you make use of nav classes and set div classes, within this you create an unordered list with the items inside, the unordered list should also have the appropriate Bootstrap class attached, the listed items are just as you would normally expect. The Muller framework on the other hand, does not have any menu presets, this framework is limited to merely the grid system. If you wish to implement further features from frameworks you would have to consider either the addition of a further framework or negating from Muller and making use of a framework with more tools. Some other features of Bootstrap include buttons, Bootstrap has a large array of buttons from which you can further customise and alter, these are easy to implement and look great. Bootstrap also has great form functionality, creating forms is incredibly easy and looks great.

Another great feature of Bootstrap is the preset warning buttons which look great and have multiple uses, like the rest of the Bootstrap features, they are incredibly easy to implement. Another useful feature of Bootstrap is that in their most recent version of Bootstrap, it is built in a mobile first approach meaning pages work seamlessly on all platforms, furthermore Bootstrap is compatible with all modern brewers making your website even more accessible.

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