Craig Myles

Artificial Intelligence

Biomedical AI

Digital Health

Craig Myles
Craig Myles
PhD Student

St Andrews University

Artificial Intelligence

Biomedical AI

Digital Health

About Me

I am a PhD student currently researching Computational Pathology at the University of St Andrews.

I hold a first-class BSc in Computer Science and recently graduated from MSc Digital Health with Distinction from St Andrews University.

My current research focuses on the use of AI and digital pathology to classify, stage, and stratify tumour responses in colorectal cancer.

  • Name . . . . . . . . Craig Myles
  • Age . . . . . . . . . . 26
  • Interest . . . . . Biomedical AI
  • Location . . . . Dundee, Scotland
  • E-mail . . . . . . .
My Interests

I am looking to specialise in and explore the domain of Biomedicine and specifically Biomedical AI.


I enjoy partaking in and keeping up with state-of-the-art research in Biomedical AI.

Artificial Intelligence

I have particular interest in how AI technologies can be used to help humanity.


I enjoy designing, implementing, and producing programming solutions to real world problems.

Big Data

I have extensive experiencing building and working with big data environments.

Server Administration

In my spare time, I administrate a small server, serving a number of different services.

Tools and Technologies

A small list of tools and technologies which are piquing my interest at the moment.

Get in touch
Feel free to check out my porfolio work and my blog to find out a bit more about what I'm all about. I try to keep things here up to date. You can contact me any time via email or the contact page.
Craig Myles
Craig Myles
PhD Student
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6th Feb 2021Impact of Industry on Healthcare (Podcast)

5 Minute Podcast Discussing Industry's Transformation of Digital Health

COMING SOON Watch this space

Thanks for checking out my website and blog posts! More content is in the works and will be avaialble soon.

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