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Craig Myles
Craig Myles
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Artificial Intelligence

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Nusic Website

10th Feb 2021, 14:18Web
Nusic Website headline image

Nusic was part of a web development project in the third year of my honours degree. 




function displayAllArticles(){

global $con;
$query = $con->prepare('
SELECT article.articleID, article.articleHeadline, article.articleDesc, article.articleImgLink, article.postDate
FROM article
WHERE article.articleDeleted != 1
ORDER BY article.articleID DESC');
$stmt = $query->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_OBJ);
return json_encode($stmt);


Database Design:

Field Name Data Type PK/FK
userID int(11) PK
username varchar(255)  
fName varchar(255)  
lName varchar(255)  
userEmail varchar(255)  
password varchar(255)  
verifiedReporter tinyint(1)  
articleID varchar(255) PK
articleHeadline varchar(255)  
articleDesc varchar(255)  
articleImgLink varchar(255)  
postDate datetime  
articleCreator int(11) FK
articleDeleted tinyint(1)  
Article Content
articleID int(11) PK
articleContent text  
commentID int(11) PK
commenterID int(11) FK
articleID int(11) FK
commentText varchar(255)  
commentDate datetime  
deleted tinyint(1)  
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